Stop Underarm Sweating

Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating!

Reducing Underarm Sweating with hair dryer

The worst kind of excessive sweating that a person can suffer from is underarm sweating. It is a very visual form of hyperhidrosis that can literally plague a sufferers life and social anxiety due to the added ingredient and the potency extra B.O.

This type of condition can cause immense discomfort and is highly embarrassing to say the least! In the region of 8 million people suffer from excessive underarm sweating but there are a few measures that can be taken to help alleviate it.

Stop Drinking Coffee To Alleviate Your Underarm Sweating

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A simple but very effective way to stop or reduce underarm sweating is to eliminate your coffee intake. We all drink coffee but it has very real effects on our bodies.

We all know that the caffeine in coffee helps us stay alert but what many do not know is that it disrupts our sleep patterns. Simply put it can cause us to have only 5-6 hours of proper sleep per night.

Coffee can make us hyperactive and restless. Add that to the disrupted sleep patterns and it’s a recipe for heightened levels of anxiety, if consumed in excess. This in turn, makes the body sweat more. If you cannot stop drinking coffee, at least cut your consumption down. You will notice a difference.

Stack Your Treatment Options

Tackle your underarm sweating by stacking your treatment options. This simply means use different methods in a multi-pronged approach to your condition. If you have an antiperspirant that works well for you, use it in conjunction with your dietary restrictions, for example, cutting down on your coffee and sugar intake. In the majority of cases, such a focused and stacked approach works really well.

Start Drinking Sage To Reduce Underarm Sweating

Sage Tea Reduces Underarm Sweating

Sage ea is an option that has not been extensively explored, however, it is an extremely effective solution.

To prepare the tea Just take a tablespoon of sage leaves and let them in hot water that has been boiled for approx’ 10 minutes.

Pour out the water, into a Siva so only the liquid comes through. Be sure not to over steep. Over steeping can result in the intake of toxins that are released from Sage. Hence, extreme caution has to be exercised. Sage Tea is believed to be able to reduce ones sweating by as much as 50%. If that is something that would help you, you must try it!


Only by trying and testing various permutations and combinations of ‘solutions’ will you come to find what really works for you. Your doctor should be able to help you in your quest to mix and match suggested solution so you achieve maximum results.

If you know that you sweat excessively due to the genuine condition of hyperhidrosis then seeking remedies isn’t really the answer. Tackling the contributing factors to your hyperhidrosis and seeking the cure is.

A holistic and multidimensional approach to a cure will aim to completely eliminate the condition of underarm sweating. It can be controlled by the use of nutrition, hormonal, psychological and environmental triggers of your condition.

By taking this approach, you can reverse the ‘internal excessive sweating environment’. It is the safest, most natural and highly effective way in which you can get rid of your underarm sweating condition for good!

The Cure & Guide To Eliminating Hyperhidrosis

Curing Hyperhidrosis Symptoms and underarm sweating

This article is based on the book, “Sweat Miracle” by Miles Dawson, a previous sufferer of hyperhidrosis. (See our Book Review Here)

He is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant. He has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate Hyperhidrosis solution. It’s guaranteed to permanently reverse the root cause of excessive sweating naturally that will dramatically improve the overall quality of your life. You will no longer use prescription medication, masking agents or have to contemplate surgical procedures.

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